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Chef Tenzin Namkha, Chef De Cuisine at HIGH Ultra Lounge

Chef Tenzin Namkha; the newest member at HIGH Ultra Lounge has been entrusted to manage the culinary operations at South India’s highest dining destination. Chef Tenzin is a seasoned professional, known for crafting timeless culinary masterpieces for over 11 years. His sheer passion for food and love for cooking took him to some of the striking locations in the country that further flourished his culinary skillset.
Asian cuisine connoisseurs in the past few years, HIGH Ultra Lounge is all set to take the modern Asian cuisine experience to an all new level with the introduction of a new menu specially curated by Chef Tenzin Namkha. The freshly curated menu is contemporary in nature that redefines Pan-Asian cuisine, with an array of exotic offerings.
The menu is carefully curated to capture the best of Asian flavors with a selection of bestsellers Crispy fried Thai Lotus Root, Stir fry Jumbo Asparagus with Water chestnut, Salt and Pepper Edamame, Five spice Prawn with Sichimi Tograshi, Cilantro chicken, Lung Fung Soup, Spicy Daikon Soup, Sweet Corn with Garlic Butter, Steamed fish with Fresh Red Chili and Lime, Mapo Tofu, Stir fry Roasted Duck with Ginger and Spring Onion Sauce like are some of the highlights.
Indulge in the modern Pan-Asian cuisine at its best; immerse yourself in a whole new world of subtle flavors and taste as a sublime experience awaits you at HIGH Ultra Lounge.