The High Experience – Best Lounge Bar

After a hard week’s work there are very few things that will revive you like sipping on a beer or hanging out with friends at a lounge bar. The conjunction of good food with good alcohol is something that makes us smile especially if we recall the deadlines and the overtime, all the inconvenience that we had to bear with to get through the week.

Even though the city deadline or curfew has been raised to 1 am for Friday and Saturday, it is still a disappointment for people who complete a 40-hour week, to just an get an extension of two hours to their disposal.

So if you’re one of these people and are feeling the dire need to just rejuvenate and forget all about work, you could simply lounge at our Best lounge bar that offers a great view, scrumptious food, cream crowd and only the finest alcohol. Let’s just say you’re sure to get high at our lounge bar which is located on a height of 421 that also makes it the highest place to get high in the entire South India. With a contemporary Asian bar and restaurant, there is no dearth of good food or even more amazing cocktails. They offer Pan-Asian food and signature cocktails made with unique ingredients. Why it is such a luxury to lounge yourself is because apart from the premium tag that comes with simply just visiting this place, it transports you to another world that is different from your everyday life. It is a great way to getaway or escape and catch up with your family and friends.

High Ultra Lounge is a good value for money considering the impeccable quality of service that comes along with the delicious food and lavish alcohol. All we can say is, you have to try it to believe it. So next time you have a few hours to spare and a few friends to meet, come on over to High!