You’ve got the Power!

Some like it shaken, some stirred, while others are fine with any. Connoisseurs of Cocktail have their own ways of sipping onto their favourite brew. Ice, liquor and a variety of flavoured mixers are all that it takes to have a cocktail lover drooling. And we at High Ultra Lounge have come up with the perfect recipe for you cocktail lovers in Bangalore.

To soothe all the needs of cocktail connoisseurs in the city, High has recently launched its very own cocktail festival. The rooftop lounge opened its doors to the ‘High On Power’ cocktail festival from July 19.

Spread across an area of over 10000 square feet and located at a height of 421 feet at the World Trade Centre, High boasts of being the tallest lounge in South India. And while you enjoy watching the Bangalore skyline from the 32nd floor – how about some choicest cocktails to light up your evening?

From July 19 all the way till August 6 High will host the ‘High On Power’ cocktail festival on its floor. The party will have a variety of new exclusive cocktails. Each of these concocted drinks will be made keeping in mind the characteristics of ten of the world’s powerful political leaders. It’s time you get a taste of power with our specially concocted power cocktails. So whoever be your power icon, High has a drink designed especially for you. The bar experts at High have designed ten exclusive cocktails based and named on different powerful political leaders. And along with the cocktails to sip on, there are also various starters and finger foods to nibble onto along with your choice of drinks.

‘Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power,’ so said one of America’s most powerful president Abraham Lincoln. So walk into High Ultra Lounge to choose your share of our exclusive power concoctions.

Make a visit soon to the High Ultra Lounge at the World Trade Centre in Malleswaram before August 6, to get ‘High on Power’.